What’s the difference between friends and followers and how to buy Facebook fans


Facebook added a new feature at the end of 2011: subscription to users’ personal pages. Before that, people could add each other only as friends. However, the new function made it possible to use personal pages more effectively for the online development of a personal brand or business. So, for a long time Facebook users attracts the attention of the audience to the official pages, and this helps to monetize any project. It’s very simple: you make your proposal; the audience sees it and buys it.

That’s just necessary to sign a person. It’s better if hundreds and thousands of people sign up to create page with great opportunities for monetization. To do this, you need to lead a person to your page, and then he must click “like” button. After that, he will receive information from you. And then the content comes into play. It is important to constantly work with the base of subscribers, providing value and staying in sight.

To give a person value, it is important to provide him useful information and involve in discussions and contact with the brand in one way or another. For example, surveys can help with this. You should improve page design if you want your audience see you and have the opportunity to remember your face. Corporate style will be very useful and even decisive.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between friends and fans and why you will be forced to buy Facebook fans.

1. On the one hand, friends and subscribers can see your updates in a personal news feed.

2. The main difference between Facebook fans and friends is the limitations. There can be countless number of subscribers of your page, but the number of friends has the limit. It’s impossible to become friends with the whole Facebook audience. But you can try to make them subscribers.

3. You can restrict access to the page for fans and friends.

4. You can get a special link for the subscription, which should be placed on third-party resources to attract more subscribers. This helps to expand the real target audience.

5. You do not have to confirm friendship with your subscribers.

So, how to attract subscribers to a page?

To do this, you will need to use the special services. The principle of their work is very simple. You just create a page, fill in information and find a small number of real subscribers. After that you need to register at the service site, add some funds to account and create a campaign with the parameters you need. So you can buy Facebook likes and control the costs in real-time.

More details are here: https://soctarget.com/buy-facebook-like-shares

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